We are established in : 1974

2. Matrughar ( Short Stay Home for Women)

The shelter home is a refuge for women who have been scorned at the husband’s home, condemned by the natal family (parent’s home) and neglected by the society. Any woman who approaches the shelter is welcomed without any discrimination on the basis of caste, class or religion. She is trained and her capacities are built to take up valuable/productive tasks and are given opportunity to live independently and respectfully in the society. If a woman in distress comes to the shelter with her children, arrangements are made to provide education to the children in the school run by Yoganjali. More than 100 women have thus been rehabilitated by the organization so far. The entire expenditure of the Shelter home is borne by the organization .

3. Livelihood opportunity through Village industries

The livelihood centre was set up in 1990 with the objective of economically empowering women in vulnerable situations as well as those seeking to earn a livelihood for their sustenance. The regular customers prefer to buy spices ground on the mortar and pestle by women from this centre. Regular training programs are organized for women interested in undertaking home-based production of marketable products like different types of pickles, articles made of faux leather, embroidery, stitching, articles for house decoration, items for daily use like detergent powder, chyavanprash, Vaseline, balms, incense sticks, wax candles etc. Attempts are also made to link the women with different government schemes for self employment after the trainings. An estimated 1500 women have been trained at the centre since its inception.

50 Sowing machines & raw material given to needy & deserving women to start their own venture – a step for self dependency.

Rural women were provided financial help for animal husbandry.

A hand grinding spices unit is run by the institution to provide livelihood to the needy women.

4. Gender Innovation Programme

Gender discrimination continues to be an enormous problem within Indian Society. Traditional patriarchal norms have relegated women to secondary status within the household and workplace .This drastically affects women’s health ,financial status, education and political involvement. We have started Gender Programme in 5 villages of Sidhpur Block . The main objective of the programme are :

  To create Gender awareness amongst community

  To develop Gender based interventions in the program village

  To reduce the Gender inequality in the Economic, Education & Health and Survival in equalities

  To break the vicious cycle of Gender inequality.

Total 500 women and 150 adolescent are enrolled from 5 Villages under the Gender Innovation Programme. The were provided training on Education ,Health and Livelihood .

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