We are established in : 1974

2. Yoganjali Boys Hostel

Yoganjali Boys Hostel has been functioning since 1978 with the objective of providing education to boys from the socially and economically backward classes. Boys from all classes are given admission to the hostel. Currently 90 boys are residing in this hostel. Their daily schedule is something like the following: they all wake up at 5 am and thereafter offer their prayers and do physical exercise. Thereafter small groups of boys are assigned routine work after completing their assigned tasks; they get ready for their morning classes. Thus along with scholastic education, their life is shaped by physical training.

The boys residing in the hostel are taken out on excursion and picnic twice in the year. Over and above this, different festivals are celebrated, they are taught music (patriotic songs, folk songs etc.), and competitions on cleanliness and decoration of rooms etc. are also undertaken as extracurricular activities.

Yoganjali Boys Hostel

3. Yoganjali Vidyavihar

Yoganjali Vidyavihar

Yoganjali Vidyavihar was started in 1974 and is based on the synthesis of Nai Talim philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and value education of Sri Aurobindo. This is the only higher secondary school in Siddhpur block. Children from about 42 nearby villages study here and receive quality education without any discrimination on the basis of caste, class or religion.

A total of about 2900 boys and 1000 girls have studied in this school. At present, 350 students are studying from standards 9th - 11th. Along with the regular classroom education, children are also given information and knowledge on agriculture and cultivation, planting trees and looking after them, animal husbandry and social reconstruction.

The school also has separate science laboratories, computer laboratory, agriculture lab, prayer hall and a girls resting room. Along with these ECO club, BURD, GUJCOST, seminars with experts, competitive examinations, sports events and competitions, cultural programs etc. are conducted on a regular basis which help is developing individuals with strong sense of morals in the age where there is breakdown of social values. The teachers from the school undertake public awareness on the importance of educating girls in the surrounding villages. Many students of the school have brought glory to the institution by their winning participation in various competitions organized at the Block and District levels.

4. Student support scheme

The organization does its best to support children studying in its school, as well as others whose education becomes vulnerable due to familial financial difficulties. With the support of its donors and well wishers, students in the school are provided with books and notebooks; uniforms are given to such children who need them.

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