We are established in : 1974

Sarvoday Activities

Different activities and programs are organized to instill Gandhiji’s sarvodaya philosophy among children. A sarvodaya patra has been kept in the school where children and social workers put in their offerings after their prayers .The amount collected is used for the needy children. Sarvoday is a term meaning “universal upliftment”.

Sanitation Campaign

During 1990 to 2006 total 1250 toilets have been made in under developed 45 villages of N.G. and explained to the village people the importance of cleanliness.

Under the Total Sanitation Campaign, 2500 BPL (Below Poverty Line) families in Siddhpur were supported for construction of toilets in their homes.

Save the Girl child Campaign

Save the Girl Child campaign was organized in Siddhpur and Visnagar blocks. Meetings were organized in different colleges, with caste and community groups, women’s groups etc. A huge women’s convention was organized in Visnagar town attended by more than 2000 women. The issue of declining number of girls in the society, its consequences and the scenario for the future was shared and discussed in an attempt to create awareness on the seriousness of issue.

Work for people of natural calamities
- During the earth quack in Kutchh in 2001 relief work was done at Kanthkot village for one month.
- Adopted 100 girls & boys of the earth quake affected area and hostel facilities and education facilities were given to them.
- Relief work had been done during the earth quake at Kashmir.

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