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Women Empowerment

Success Story

I joined the tailoring class run by Yoganjali . Then I have my own tailoring class and manufacturing of readymade dresses . This has solved my family financial problems and helped me to study further till the completions of Masters degree . Today I have a respectable place in the society only because of the grateful support of Yoganjali..

I found my husband and children ….

I was divorced from my husband and both my children were with him. When a good lady came to know that I was trapped in prostitution by a pimp, she informed me about Yoganjali. And I came to the Organization. I told them my story. I was given shelter here, I recovered my health here. I would remember my children and cry a lot, I was desperate to meet them. A social worker from the organization met my husband, explained to him my situation, won his trust and confidence and I got the permission to meet my children. The children were very small and they also yearned for love. The organization negotiated a compromise between me and my husband and got the divorce decree revoked. I was given all the necessary household goods and I began my family life anew. I am today leading a happy and contended life with my two children and husband.

Hats of to Yoganjali.

Kiran Dabghar

I became self-dependent….

Jyostanaben participated in Gender Innovation Program for one year. And she learned about self-dependency, education, health issues, child rights etc. By this program she started to think that she could work in this village and could earn money. Then she sold healthy snack in front of the primary school and she started to earn 200 R.S per day

Jyostanaben Raval

BCI Programme

I got more production…

After joining the BCI Programme I did not use DAP in cotton farm. I used compost fertilizer and some other micro nutrients and I got more production ( 2000- 2400 kg/Acre) than earlier season.

Patel Sureshbhai Ramabhai
Village: MithiVavadi

I can increase my income…

After joining the BCI Programme I got information about border crop ,trap crop and refuge crop. I got three crops income from my cotton farm. I got approx. Rs.75000/- income from one Vigha farm.

Hats of to Yoganjali.

Patel Tribhuvanbhai Ambarambhai

There are many such success stories of children and needy women who have been supported by the Organisation to start a new life.

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